Lunch Menu

We offer Lunch during office hours from Tuesday to Friday, starting 11:00AM till 3:00PM

We are happy to make an exception if you get a little late or come a bit early, because we understand that: One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well- Virginia Wolf.

Our lunch includes traditional Indian meals comprising of multiple vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options which change every day of the week. Please refer to the menu below for more details about the lunch menu today..

L = Laktoositon / Lactose free

G = Gluteeniton /Gluten free

Kaikki annokset sisältävät riisiä, linssejä, naan-leivän, raita-kastiketta, keiton, salaatin ja teen / kahvin

All dishes include rice, lentils, naan bread, raita sauce, soup, salad and tea / coffee

Naan-leipä ei ole gluteeniton eikä laktoositon / Naan bread is not gluten or lactose free

Lasten lounasta ei voi tilata mukaan / Kids lunch is not for take away

Table Reservation

Ravintola on suljettu kesälomien vuoksi 10. kesäkuuta - 30. kesäkuuta. . The restaurant is closed due to the summer holidays from the 10th of June till the 30th of June

Terveellisiä terveisiä kaikille. 

Avaamme uudelleen 1. heinäkuuta. 🙂
Toivotamme teille kaikille hyvää kesää!

We will reopen on the 1st of July. 🙂
Wishing everyone a great summer! 🌞