Food menu

We are continuously searching and experimenting with your next favourite meal and drink. With passion for Indian cuisine in our hearts, we combine it with Finnish ingredients to make you feel at home.

Our naan bread is a perfect example of that. We combine Finnish ingredients into the bread to make it crispier and healthier.

Our Mango Lassi is as simple, fresh and natural as it can get. There is nothing but pure mango pulp, creamy yogurt, milk and sugar to taste. It is in fact very simple to make it at your home.

L = Laktoositon / Lactose free

P = Maapähkinävapaa / Peanuts free

G = Gluteeniton /Gluten free

N = Tree-nuts free

All dishes include rice and naan bread / Kaikki annokset sisältävät riisiä ja naan-leipä
Naan-leipä ei ole gluteeniton eikä laktoositon / Naan bread is not gluten or lactose free

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