10 reasons why the best lunch in Turku can be found at Ravintola Masala

Ravintola Masala: Welcome to the house of spices!

Are you bored with the same old home cooking? Are you at work or school and it is the lunch time and you feel hungry? Do you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of a busy day? Do you want to treat yourself to some new exciting and authentic flavours?

‘An unusually good discovery with excellent food and the best curry ever’, that is how customers describe Restaurant Masala. It doesn’t come as a surprise since a lot of unique places are always around the corner, hidden gems as they call them. Our restaurant is hidden in a yard next to Puutori and offers some serious taste of India.

We listed ten reasons why our lunch stands out compared to others and what you can expect. Why wait for no reason? Try it today!

1. Authentic Indian flavours

Our lunch consists of traditional Indian meals which change daily. We start cooking in the morning with the sole objective of offering some heart-warming and delicious food to our guests. We offer lunch from Tuesday to Friday from 11 am to 3 pm. All lunch portions include naan bread, salad, rice and raita sauce. Raita sauce is made from yogurt and vegetables which can be mixed with the curries to enhance their flavour even more or soften them down if they are too strong for you. We combine Finnish ingredients in the naan bread to make it crispier and healthier. Original naan bread is neither gluten-free nor lactose-free, but you can get delicious and vegan-friendly roti-bread on request! Something unique about us is the home-made ginger tea with a rich flavour of ginger and other spices.

2. Our lunch portions are just the right size

Our lunch portion is large enough to fill even a hungrier stomach. Many places don’t offer enough food in their portions and sometimes I wish I could order two portions for the price of one. Our appropriately sized portions will not leave you either hungry or too full and lazy. This practice is also very environment friendly since we cook only what is needed and hence wasting of food is minimized.

3. We are flexible on lunch timing

Although our lunchtime is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., sometimes guests arrive a little before or a little after lunchtime. It is in our cultural values to never say no to guests and we try to adhere to those values as far as we can. We are very happy to serve you a bit outside the lunch hours however due to some inevitable reasons (like unavailability of some ingredient) we can’t stretch that exception too far.

4. Made from scratch using fresh ingredients

We try to source all our raw materials from as close to the source of origin as possible, and with as minimum processing as possible. This guarantees fresh and nutritious food which will keep you healthy in the long run and is as good as home cooked food. Did you know that we make eight different types of sauces that we use in our food, ourselves from scratch? Watch out for the upcoming blog posts about Indian sauces and their history. We may also reveal our secret cooking recipes!

5. Possibility to combine your favourite meals

With just 2.5 euros extra, you can choose the masala special option, which combines two of your favourite meals of the day to serve you with extended deliciousness and choice. More delicacy and choice – and who wouldn’t want that?

6. If you are a vegan, our lunch is your heaven

For vegans, our lunch is a real food paradise. We make vegan naan bread called roti. Just mention it to the personnel and we will make sure you are in for a delightful experience.

7. You will love our personnel

Our personnel know how to cheer you up and they set up a lively and family-like atmosphere in the restaurant, without compromising on professionalism in any manner.

8. Good location and sunny terrace

Our location is a bit isolated and quiet, so if you’re the kind of person who wants to be in your own bubble and away from the noise of downtown, we’re here for you. We are still close to the centre with good transport links, so you can steadily resume your day after the meal. During the summer, the restaurant’s terrace is open to the courtyard where you can relax under the sun while sipping some refreshing drink or enjoying your favourite Indian meal.

9. Great reviews speak for themselves

Below are a few picks from the hundreds of reviews we received:

“Excellent and cozy restaurant, food is delicious and staff is extremely friendly. The best place to go for tasty and affordable lunch/dinner. Highly recommended!”

“The food was great and really filling ? The owner really lights up the atmosphere of the restaurant and the overall experience was great! Definitely recommend it to anyone who’s interested in trying something new and tasty.”

“Best vegan food in Turku! And the host was so nice and hospitable, it was my best evening in Finland so far. Thank you so much! We will be back!”

“This restaurant has excellent service and fantastic authentic Indian food – in my case, poppadoms, mango chutney, onion bhajis, aluchanna masala and rotis. The interior of the restaurant is delightful, and the whole experience was amazing. As a vegan who is very particular about his Indian food, this restaurant easily gets a thumb’s up from me – and 5 stars”

10. Plenty of take-away option

You can order take-away portions at lunchtime and from the menu at other times. Order by phone or on our website, home delivery is possible via Wolt or Foodora .

About Restaurant Masala

We are a relaxed and cozy Indian restaurant in the centre of Turku. Our restaurant is located in a quiet area of Puutori, in the peace of the courtyard and is a stone’s throw away from Turku Central Bus Station and one kilometre from the train station.

We offer a wide variety of Indian meals, among which the most popular ones will be showcased in the upcoming blogposts. You can order food through our website or call us and pick up the food. Home delivery is also possible through Foodora and Wolt. A big thank you to everyone for supporting us and spreading love and happiness around.

We started sharing information about who we are and what we do through this blog. You will get an insight into Indian food, its history, cooking processes, recipes and much more. Stay tuned for more. Have a nice summer!

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